All our new boats are delivered to you with COF, Buoyancy certification and Trailer COR.  Advice on skippers tickets is available

Yamaha GP 1300R

db_2008_Gp1300R_029  db_2008_GP1300R_0110

Featuring a new technologically advance fuel injected, 170 horsepower Yamaha Mariner Engine, a high pressure pump and fuel injection calibrator, this muscle craft achieves better performance and higher top speed than ever before.

Once you get a taste for its power and control, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Yamaha VX 110 SPORT

db_VX1100A-H_017  db_2009_VX_CRUISER_027

The new four stroke VX sport, the industry’s first affordable performance four stroke PWC.
As an all new design from engine to hull, the VX sport has all the technology you thought was “too expensive”.

Yamaha VX 700

db_vx700_0277  db_vx700_0127

The VX700 embodies the fun riding and excitement of wave runners and offers anyone the many ways to enjoy the freedom of being on the water.
You will appreciate its multifunction meters that provide necessary information in easily viewable form and its
other easy-to-use features.

Yamaha FX 160 HO CRUISER

db_2009_FX_CRUISER_SHO_017  db_2009_FX_CRUISER_SHO_027

The plush cruise seat, raised handlebars and foot chocks, create a three point contact system to help make sure the driver is always comfortable. The rear seat and hand holds keep the passenger smiling for hours on end.

So while the driver is accelerating through turns, the passengers can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Yamaha VX 140

db_2009_VX_DELUXE7  db_2009_VX_DELUXE_027

With the MR-1 engine, the FX is the perfect option for those looking for affordable full size Wave Runner,
it offers the performance, comfort and handling to keep every member of your family happy.